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'Gazeta Wyborcza' daily newspaper 21th of February

Nice drawing of an old man smoking pipe as an illustration to the article about pension.

An old man smoking pipe as illustration for article about retirement

The Secrets of Smoking Pipe

While searching the net I found interesting information about Josef Stanislav's (famous academician AiP) book. In 1997 Russian Publishing House 'M., Kollektsiya' published his book called 'The Secrets of Smoking Pipe' in small quantity.

According to the author tells us about history of pipe-making in different cultures and the tradition of pipemaking in Czech Rep.; about pipe shapes and their construction; gives advices, how to choose a pipe, tobacco and accesories; how to fill, light up, smoke and clean pipe to enjoy it for a long time. In this book you can find list of useful books (5 european languages) and list of famous pipe-making companies.

New Year Meeting in Przemysl • 19th of January, 2006

New Year meeting in Przemysl with pipe-smokers it is always occasion to sing and have fun.

Happy New Year 2006

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