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Pierre Pams – pipe collector from Mexico

Pierre Pams – Liverpool (Mexican superstore network) director is a pipe-smoker and a great pipe-collector. His huge collection of pipes is exposed in his huge condominium. He think to move his collection to a better place for exposition and found a pipe museum. Pierre is a excellent popularizer on smoking-pipes thema.

Mexico • October 31 – November 13, 2006

I went to Mexico on invitation of President Circulo de la Pipa Mexico José Joaquín Herrera and his wife Dulce. We know each other very well for couple of years and finaly it happened that I could see that beautiful and so different, from Polish point of view, country.

Mexico Schmidt

Books about pipes from all over the world

Many of us, pipe-smokers, know Ben Rapaport very well. For those, who do not know him, Ben have a mail-order book business that offers the pipe smoker the largest inventory of English and foreign-language books in the world. He can advise smokers and colllectors of those books that best serve their intellectual curiosity.
Ben publish quarterly newsletter in Word document format. If you are interested in it or have questions to Ben just click his picture below to send him an e-mail.

Henryk Handkamer's 80th birthday

On Tuesday, October 24th, Henryk Handkamer – the oldest member of Pipe Collectors Club in Poznan made his 80th birthday for club members.

Baltic Cup & Novotel Cup 2006

Here you have Baltic Cup & Novotel Cup broshure in pdf (1,5 MB).
Please follow the link below:

Reports and pictures from this event you can find also:

Baltic Cup & Novotel Cup 2006

BALTIC CUP 2006 and NOVOTEL CUP 2006 – International contest in slow pipe smoking – will take place in Novotel Centrum hotel in Poznan, Poland on 2nd of September 2006.

II Pipe, Tobacco and Paraphernalia Show
I Collectors Meeting and Show

Main sponsor of the contest: Zbigniew Bednarczyk – pipemaker form Przemysl.
Contest pipe of his design will be first time presented in the competition day. Brand name is WINCENT.
Contest tobacco made SYNJECO form Switzerland. Specjal limited edition called BALTIC MIXTURE is available – buy and taste it before contest (for registered participants only).

Detailed information nad registration module you will find in    You have possibility to register yourself and accompanying person there. You can pay in shop in section Varia.

Hurry! Number of participants is limited by number of contest pipes. We can host 100 participants only!!!

Zbigniew Bednarczyk's Exhibition

Zbyszek Bednarczyk – pipe maker from Przemysl is also talented painter and sculptor. He prepared Exhibition of his oils on canvas as an accompanying event of the Pipe Admiration Day in Przemysl. All his works hang on trees nearby the Townhall.

pipe Bednarczyk

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