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Polish Championship in Poznan

18th Polish Championship in Slow Pipe-Smoking and 12. Novotel Cup took place in Poznan at 13th of September, 2008.

The winner and Polish Champion for 2008 is Julian Drabent of Pipe Club of Konin (2 h 2 min. 52 sec.)

The title of the Man of the Year 2007 in pipe-smoking got Jacek Schmidt – it is me :)

Happy New Year 2008!!!

After a long break :)
I am back in pipe events description.
All those, who were waiting to see what happened and will happen in pipe-smoking world,
please take my apology for that break.

Jacek Schmidt 41 urodziny

Cyclically in December – this time, my 41. birthday.
We did pipe-smoking contest using 1 gram of tobacco. The winner was Damian Mucha.

I would like to make reminiscence of Chicago Pipe Show 2007 and my seminar that time
and World Cup  in Sankt Petersburg, in near future.
You can see the rest of pipe-smoking events checking the page of Polish Pipe Clubs Council
(follow the link in the 'links' section).

For 2008 coming, please take my best wishes of 
joy, peace and fulfillment of your dreams and plans, not only those based on pipe  :)

Maurice Raphael passed away

Maurice Raphael, Akademie International de la Pipe member passed away 15th of August. He was 67 years old. He was marvelous clay pipe-maker and an pipe books author.

I will miss those meetings with Maurice. He was used to say, that you can understand every pipe-smoker. Nevertheless the language he is speaking. Rafael spoke French only.

Pipe-smoking techniques seminar

3rd of May, 2007 – Pheasant Run Resort hotel in Chicago

Duration: 6 hours

Each participant will get 2 pipes: Zbigniew Bednarczyk pipe and Henryk worobiec pipe (pipe makers from Przemysl, Poland)

Tobacco used:

Cornell & Diehl

1.  Virginia flake
2.  #808 Burley Straight
3.  #554 biliard Room


Park-Lane Tabacconist, NY

4.  Park-Lane Luxury MIxture No. 14
– tobacco of V National Pipe-smoking contest in Chicago

Speaker: Jacek Schmidt – Academie International de la Pipe member, Poznan Pipe Collectors Club member

Zbigniew Bednarczyk pipe:

Henryk worobiec pipe:

Those interested in participating should write to Frank Burla – Chicago Pipe Show 2007 organizer:

Seminar is limited to 30 participants.
Cost: US Dollar 50

Program seminarium:
- how to shred different types of tobacco,
- how to fill a pipe,
- how to light tobacco in a pipe,
- how to take out the ash with the tamper,
- how to bring the amber into the surface of tobacco that the amber will be visible,
- how to make successful finish, e.g. burn all the tobacco inside
- difficulties and how to get rid of

Krzysztof Soli?ski passed away

27th of December 2006 Krzysztof Solinski passed away.
He was a wonderful, cheerful, modest man, great tester of non-briar pipes, pipe expert, poet, prose writer, editor and finally pipe smoker.

We will miss meetings and long conversations about pipe with him.
Our sincere condolences to the family and those close to Krzysztof.

Jacek Schmidt

Birthday contest in Poznan

The report from the contest you can see in the reports section.

Christmas meeting in Mexico City

José Joaquín Herrera V. – President of Circulo de la Pipa Mexico sent us an information about Christmass meeting.

Here you have this letter:

Dear Friends,

I remind you of traditional Christmas meeting (a pipe smoking contest and a dinner) which will take place next Friday, 8th of December, in 'El otro lugar de la Mancha' restaurant, Esopo no. 11, Col. Polanco.

Christmass Contest in slow pipe smoking

Contest tobacco:  Borkum Riff Vanilla Cavendish (dark Kentucky and Burley mixture)

You can use your own pipe in the contest (the condition is that this pipe should have been used in the CIPC contest before) and the participation fee is 30 Pesos (circa US Dollars 3).

You can get a brand new contest pipe made especially for the club by Nprma de Mexico. The paritcipation fee is 200 Pesos (circa US Dollars 20) respectively.

There will be great prizes and a extraordinary trophy for the winner.

Best regards,

José Joaquín Herrera V.

Original letter from José you can find in the 'more' part of this message.

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Tu mozesz zmienic jezyk na Polski


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