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The International Pipe Smoking Day – February 20th, 2010

Mi?dzynarodowy Dzie? Fajczarzy
We had two main events on 20th February 2010. 

Pipe Collectors Club in Pozna? celebrated The International Pipe Smoking Day by PPC Poznan Championship in Slow Pipe Smoking. 37 pipe smokers (including 4 women) took part in this contest. Miroslaw Wawrzyniak won with time of 1:56:06. We had two guests from Switzerland. Media noticed this event in TV, press and Internet.

In Gdansk pipe and cigar smokers celebrated this day by two contests: Pipe smoking contest hosted 42 participants. They smoked in specially produced black oak pipe made by Henryk worobiec. Wieslaw Ratajek from PC Szczytna won this contest with time of 2 hours and 31 seconds. Cigar smoking contest hosted 26 participants. Julian Drabent from PC Konin was the winner.

25th AIP conference in Budapest

Académie International de la Pipe members had their annual meeting from 7th to 9th October 2009 in Archaeological Museum in Budapest.

40 years of RomeoBriar Factory

20th and 21st of June, 2009 Karen and Mimmo prepared 40th anniversary of RomeoBriar Factory for Filippo – founder of the company and father of Mimmo.

Carlo Lodi passed away

Doctor Carlo Lodi passed away on the morning of the 15th February 2009 at 4 am.
The funeral took place in Treviso (Italy) on 18th February 2009 at 2.45 pm.

He was a wonderful pipe-friend. He was born in Udine in 1939. He graduated in economy at the Triest University.
He was a President of Italian Federation of Pipe Clubs, a member of CIPC, a President of „Fenice Pipe Club" in Venice, a member of International Academie de la Pipe, Confrérie des Maitres Pipiers w Saint-Claude, Compairie des Pipailloux Bourguignons w Dijon, a member of the Pipe Club of London, honorary member of many pipe clubs.

To all the Family and those being close to Carlo I am sending condolences.

Carlo – see you on the other side of life!  Rest in peace!


New World Record 3:33:06

3:33:06  – Gianfranco Ruscalla did this record in Germany during Europe Championship – Wurselen • 5th of October, 2008.

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