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How to assemble your Hookah?

If you are reading this article, then you are probably interested in purchasing your own hookah or you want to know more about handling your hookah, setting it up or cleaning it. In any one of these cases, you’ve probably smoked a hookah before and you enjoy doing it because of which you now desire to own your hookah. Or you may want to host a hookah party for all your friends and family and you need to buy a hookah for that purpose. Whatever you reason for purchasing your hookah, you need to know all you can about handling and maintaining hookahs and preparing them as well because a well used and well-kept hookah can last quite a long time. This article focuses primarily on assembling your hookah which is the first step after getting the hookah.

hookah shisha nargile

First you’ll see that your hookah is composed of a few parts and knowing about these parts is crucial to setting up and handling the hookah. The first thing you’ll notice is the base of the hookah which will store the water but make sure you fill it up one third of the way only, you can also put ice in the water for denser smoke. The pipe is the main body of the hookah and is made of glass or stainless steel; this has a hose socket where you will attach the rubber hose and a release valve which you can use to release the strong smoke from the hookah base. The third part of the hookah is the rubber hose that will normally be decorated but is made of rubber and it goes into the hose socket, the other end will have a mouthpiece from where the user can draw puffs of smoke. You can make sure that the hose is clean by blowing through it to force stale smoke out but do this when cleaning your hookah and when it is properly dismantled. The bowl of the hookah will be on top of the pipe and it will have a couple of holes and this is where you will place charcoal and sweetly flavored tobacco.

hookah shisha nargile

You can attach the neck of the hookah to the stem to create an air-tight seal after which you place the ash-tray on top of the neck. There will be a single hole or a couple of holes on the tray; you can place a finger on the holes of the tray and blow through to make sure that the seal is air-tight. Next fix the rubber hose into the hose socket and make sure it is tight and that the ball inside is rolling freely. After that, you should place the flavored tobacco into the bowl of the hookah, then take a tin foil and wrap it around the top of bowl and poke tiny holes into the foil into a circular pattern. Place the bowl tightly onto the neck and light the coal in the bowl using a lighter. You can then start using the hookah by blowing through the hose; it may take a few minutes to start but it usually does within a few minutes until it is ready to be enjoyed.

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