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Visiting Pavel Hap • 9th of April, 2006

Pavel Hap has been working for 18 years in pipe factory known as B.P.K. Participants of Czech pipe-smoking contests could use such signed pipes quite often. Nowadays Pavel is working by his own. He has a small workshop in his house. His pipes are perfectly made of carefully selected briar (Manno, Italy). He finishes pipes with natural components only (shelak, carnauba wax). Stems are made of ebonite or horn.

pipe Hap Prosec

Post card with photographs made by Pavel Hap – another hobby.

We (Michal Piszczala – PCC Poznan member and Jacek Schmidt – me) went to visit Pavel on Saturday and slept in Pardubice (old small town nearby Prosec). We saw a wonderful old downtown – it is worth to stay for a while and see those houses.

The road to Prosec leads through small villages but it is impossible to get lost. Another thing is to find Pavel's workshop. There are no signed streets. Moreover, houses are randomly numbered. So we used a mobile-phone and after five minutes we saw Pavel showing us proper route.

pipe Pavel Hap

We were invited to Pavel's workshop where we watched pipes in work and handy stock of briar. Pavel gave us a short speach about the way he is working.

pipe Hap
pipe Hap klocki briar

Pavel is the owner and inventor of all designs (models) he produce.

pipe Jacek Schmidt Pavel Hap

pipe Hap

Here you have samples of his huge different pipe-models. Excellent finishing, perfect drill. It is really worth to see, admire and possess.

pipe Hap
pipe Hap

pipe Hap  Jacek Schmidt

We went then to the living-room, where we talked about... pipes. I have got a deposition of 20 pipes,  Chicago Pipe Show visitors could  familiarize with.

Here you have some of them:

pipe Hap
pipe Hap
pipe Pavel Hap  Jacek Schmidt

We chose those pipes very carefully. All made from the best quality briar.

In the end of our visit Pavel got my second book and repay me with a beautiful pipe shown below.

pipe Hap

We completed this excellent visit with dinner party (Pavel invited us) in Skutec local restaurant.

Thank you Pavel very much for your hospitality, your time devoted to us and  for possibility of admiring your fantastic work.

Pavel Hap will exhibit and sell his pipes during Polish Championship in Krzyzowa nad Baltic Cup in Poznan personally.

Tu mozesz zmienic jezyk na Polski


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