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Inter-tabac 2011 in Dortmund

Trade Fair is the big one. Devoted mostly to cigar business.

It was a 3 day trade fair fortunately. Otherwise it would be impossible to check each stand in 3 halls.

We met a lot of friends. Karen among them.

Here you have one of Karen's pipes (she made it herself).  Mimmo is in the background.

Chacom stand from St. Claude, France.

Wilma Armellini exposed humidors and pipes.

Arcadia stand with pipes of Luigi Viprati, Ser Jacopo, Baldo Baldi.

On Vauen stand I did an interview with well-known designer Volker Hundertmark (TRAFIKA magazine next essue).

Nils Thomsen form Berlin introduced to me a young pipe-maker Maike Paessens.

Nils introduced to me a Yin - Yang pipe also.

In 2012 there will be first time an asiatic version of Inter-tabac.  It will be from 15 to 17 of March in Manila, Philiphines :)

Tu mozesz zmienic jezyk na Polski


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