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The Birthday one-gram pipe smoking contest • 19th December, 2006

Christmas Club Meeting is always connected with my birthday. This year it was egzactly that day and special occasion – 40th anniversary. After singing 'happy birthday' etc. we did one-gram smoking contest. We smoked in our own pipes. The contest tobacco was prepared by Krzysztof Wozniak and it was well burning and tasted good. 15 participants took part in that contest.
Only one person achieve exactly 40... but years old – it was me :) About results, the closest to 40 was Damian Mucha. He won with the time of 39 minutes and 59 seconds. As I announced before, we drank Tequila 'Legenda del milargo' – a special blend in a beautiful bottle, which was gived to me by Pierre Pams in Mexico.
In the 'more' section you will find results and some pictures from that evening.

Pipe-smoking meetings in Mexico

In Mexico City there are circa 20 milions citizens, but few pipe-smokers. Because of the tradition, there more cigar smokers, but members of Circulo de la Pipa Mexico try hard to change this.

World Championship • Marienbad 2006

Individual World Championship in slow pipe smoking is made every four years. This year it took place in Marienbad in Czech Republic.
349 participants from Europe, USA, Mexico and Japan took part in that contest.

Baltic Cup & Novotel Cup 2006

This year in Poznan (Novotel Centrum hotel) we did pipe-smoking competition called X Novotel Cup and III Baltic Cup.  82 participants from Poland, Ukraine (4) and Germany (1) only, probably because of World Championship in Marien Bad to be made soon.
Dmytro Potij from Ukraine won (1:53:39) and Danuta Pytel from Poland was second.

Dmytro Potij Novotel Cup

US Championship in Chcago • May 7th, 2006

US Championship in slow pipe-smoking took place in Chicago, May 7th, 2006.

Jacek Schmidt Chicago 2006 fajka

Danish Championship • 19th of March, 2006

This year for Danish Championship was a little bit better. 123 competitors took part in it. Polish team was 7th. Damian Mucha (Pipe Collectors Club Poznan) was 16 individually.


Pipe Collectors Club Poznan team (right side of the table): Tomasz Polichnowski, Damian Mucha and Jacek Schmidt(at front).

V Open KKF Poznan Championship • 28th of January, 2006

V Open Pipe Collectors Club of Poznan Championship took place in estate club 'RASZYN'. Pleasant, cozy atmosphere. 46 participants not only from club.

Christmas Party in KKF Poznan and Birthday Contest

We (Pipe Collectors Club Poznan members) met as usual at Tuesday 20th od December, 2005 in our headquarter to celebrate Christmas. Each year there is a birthday contest (my birthday) also.

XIII National Championship of Portugal

National Championship of Portugal took place in hotel Villa Rica in Lisbon at Saturday, 3rd of December, 2005. 55 pipe-smokers from Portugal, Spain and Italy took part in it.

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Tu mozesz zmienic jezyk na Polski


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