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15th NOVOTEL CUP 2011 in slow pipe-smoking

15th in a row Contest in slow pipe-smoking took place in Novotel Malta hotel in Poznan on Saturday 3rd of September 2011.

One-gram Birthday Contest 2010

8 club-members took part in my birthday contest this year (Dec. 14th, 2010).

VI PCC Poznan Championship • 10th February 2007

PCC Poznan Championship started the celebration of 30th anniversary of founding the club. 49 participants from German Dan Pipe Club Wriezen and many Polish Pipe Clubs took part in it.

KKF Poznan 2007 pipe

New Danish record in slow pipe smoking

12th of November 'Sydsjællandsmesterskab 2006' – regional pipe-smoking championship took place. Troels Rasmussen won and did the new Danish record in slow pipe smoking – 3 hours 16 minutes and 8 seconds.
Team result did by Lollands Falster9 hours 24 minutes and 29 seconds – is the new Danish team record and unofficial world team record.

Christmas meeting in Mexico • 8th of december 2006

This traditional Christmas Meeting in Circulo de la Pipa Mexico was a great success. Meeting was ery populated with members and keeners: José Javier, María Elena, Claudio, Pierre, Isidro, Rodrigo, Pilar, Jorge, Lobo, Emilio, Toño, Rodrigo Villaseñor, Victor, Carlos, Ricardo, Andrés, Chuck and his fianceé, René, Carolina, Manuel, Dulce, Joaquín and Arturo (25 persons).

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